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Self Defense Overview

Self Defense is the act of protecting yourself, your friends and your loved ones. Everyone has the right to feel safe and not be bullied, regardless of what they are doing or where they are going. There is a complete range of self defense techniques included in this site – the initial, and main focus, is being able to defend yourself without hurting the other person. The non-violent aspect of a lot of these techniques is why these instructions are good for males and females, kids from 5 to any age adult.

The material contained in this site gives you all the information you require to learn self defense techniques. You can take these and practice with a friend or loved one in a safe environment – practicing slowly to understand the movements, and repeating until they become comfortable and second nature. While many of the techniques are non-violent – they focus on blocking or releasing from a grab to get away – many to include methods to disable your attacker if that is the only option. For this reason, these need to be practiced with careful control so as not to hurt your practice partner.

The purpose of this website is to be a complete resource for any level of self-defense:

Complete beginners wanting some confidence and basic self-defense techniques which they can start learning within minutes, not months. This group will learn the main attack methods of strikes, grabs and pushes, and simple techniques to counter. This is designed for both sexes and any age.

People attending this include:

  • School children wanting confidence in school, or the travel to and from
  • Children and adults who just want to go out somewhere and not be so scared of being bullied
  • Parents who gift a subscription to their children as a practical and long lasting way to help protect them.

It is recommended that 6-10 methods are practiced a lot, so they are natural when they are needed, but the large resource available to the students means they can keep learning new methods to find ones that feel natural and work well for them.

Advanced Self Defense students who want to become very good at self-defense, but either does not want to join an official Martial Arts club, or who do not have access to a Martial Arts club.

These people will learn a lot more about techniques and how to increase speed and power, why arms and legs are in specific positions, more ways to strike and where to strike, as well as a huge resource of self-defense techniques from which they can practice.

Better yet, not only does this site contain more information then you will get at any single training venue, it gives you the ability to train in your own time, at your pace, anywhere you want.

The Process.

One of the aims of this site is to explain the purpose and the risks for each topic – the student will learn why something is being done. Each of the techniques contains step by step photos and explanations about what is happening, how to perform the movement for the most efficiency. Ultimately, video clips with full speed and slow motion instruction will be added to compliment the photo instructions.

How to use the instructions

  • Read the introductions to understand what is going to be covered and why
  • For each technique, read the explanations about what and why a technique will be done, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for each. The more you know about the technique, the better it will work
  • Step through the photos and associated instructions
  • Practice with a partner, taking turns with the movements
  • Record your favourite techniques to practice the most. The more you practice, the more natural and automatic they will be.

All training/detail on site is overseen by senior martial arts instructor with over 30 years’ experience teaching self defense.


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