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Self Defence Yin Yang

The Yin Yang has its history in Chinese philosophy and is the symbol which represents the concept of two sides forming a whole. It describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary.

Understanding this symbol is how we gain power, speed and technique, but this is a topic many martial arts groups neglect – to their detriment. Those people who do not learn this concept will never be as fast or as powerful as they can be. This is one of the major tricks small people use to overpower people a lot bigger than they are.

Spending time understanding this concept will develop your learning and effectiveness greatly over those students that do not.

Yin Yang symbolThe Yin Yang symbol is set in a circle – this represents continuity and shows itself in a number of ways:

  • The process of learning is never-ending – even senior instructors and masters still practice the basic movement and patterns.
  • Defense flows – each movement should merge smoothly with the one before.
  • Defense is continuous – the defender becomes the attacker and the attacker then tries to prevent the counters.

The symbol also has an ‘eye’ of the opposite colour in each half. This shows that nothing is simply ‘black or white’. There are instances, for example, where a mixture of techniques is better than one in isolation. For example, a hard strike to the abdomen can distract an opponent for long enough to apply a soft technique to control the opponent.


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True self defense does not recognize age or gender: it works for everyone. While strength does have an advantage, technique and speed plays a greater part. It is easy to spot the clubs which have not yet learned the true techniques, as there will be few children, females and elderly.


As in martial arts, black and white are at the opposite ends of the belt colours – white standing for innocence and the lack of knowledge in the Art, and black for proficiency and understanding. It also means a balance: the symbol is neither black nor white – it is both. This means there is a mix of factors in any answer. Any person saying a particular technique is wrong is simply only looking from one direction for their answer.


The easy way to teach self-defense is the ‘Hard’ way – punch, kick, elbow, eye gauge etc. This leaves pain, bruises and possible irreparable damage – even death. While this is the easier way to teach, the true self defence is ‘soft’ – being able to defend yourself while not having to injure the attacker.

Students on this site will learn 22 tricks how this symbol will add to their speed and effectiveness.

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