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There are two levels in the membership plans:

Beginners - this is for people with little or no experience in the topic. The easy and gentle techniques means this is for males and females of any age, who just want confidence in travelling around but don’t want all the martial arts aspects to training. Students can either stay at this level and continue practicing these easy techniques, or at a later date chose to progress to the Advanced Self Defense for more challenge and learning. A strong focus here is 'soft' defenses, which will enable you to defend yourself while not having to punch or kick the attacker - self defense is about protecting your self, not injuring the attacker. Personal instruction from a senior martial arts instructor at your own home, at your own time. At just NZ$50 per year (including tax where applicable), this is less than a month at a standard club. 

Advanced - this is for people who want to become very good at self-defense, but either do not want to join an official Martial Arts club, or who do not have access to a Martial Arts club. The focus for this section is to expand the understanding and opportunities for defense. Not only are there hundreds of self defense techniques detailed, but a strong emphasis is put on how to make the techniques more effective and efficient. This group has access to more information than most Black Belt martial artist do. At just NZ$70 per year (including tax where applicable), this is significantly cheaper than joining and travelling to clubs and you have access to thousands of step by step photos.

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Membership Plans

Beginners Self Defense

NZ$50.00 per year

  • One low yearly price
  • Introduction and overview
  • Minimizing chance of attack
  • Safety in Training
  • Yin Yang and how this will help your learning
  • Warming up excercises
  • Basic stances
  • Basic techniques
  • Main types of attacks
  • Dozens of simple and effective self defense movements anyone can use
  • Blocking and Movement Practice Drills
  • Simple search function to find what you want
  • Immediate access to all updates

Advanced Self Defense

NZ$70.00 per year

  • One low yearly price
  • Only NZ$20 more than the Beginners level but a great deal more information
  • All the information in the Beginners section
  • Detailed Yin Yang examples to help power and speed
  • All main stances
  • All main martial arts movements
  • Movement mid positions and how they are used
  • Mechanics of Strikes (how to increase power and weaken your opponent)
  • Body weapons
  • Pressure points
  • Blocking drills
  • Types of attacks
  • Hundreds of defenses grouped by attacks and movements
  • Blocking and Movement Practice Drills
  • Thousands of step by step photos and instructions
  • Simple search function to find what you want
  • Immediate access to all updates
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