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Predicting The Attack

Predicting the attack is one reason how senior martial artists seem to be so quick - it is not just because they can move quickly, but it is because they have decided what to do before the opponent has attacked - this means as soon as the opponent moves, the defense is started. The last thing you want is to start to think about your counter as the opponent is coming at you. This is the main reason students mess up their counter and are hit. 

The most likely method your attacker will use will depend somewhat on how you react to their threats. The Yin Yang says there are (at least) two ways to approach this situation. The two immediate options are: 
1. Act confident and loud in an attempt to convince your attacker you are not an easy target. Often when a bully is confronted, they will back down. The risk here, though, is if they do not back down, they will probably be angrier and your defense will be harder.
2. Act submissive in an attempt to get them to open up their guard and come close enough that you can strike something sensitive. 

It is always preferable to try and remain calm and talk your way out of the situation - apologize for any perceived wrong, or give items they ask for unless you are confident you can defend yourself. Items can be replaced.

Here we will discuss three situations in how to try and predict how they will attack. As soon as you see the most likely way, you can prepare your counter:
1. There is a gap between you and your attacker
2. The attacker is using one hand to grab you
3. The attacker is using both hands to hold you. 

1. There is a gap between you and your attacker


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