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Main Types of Attacks

When is comes to attacks, there are four main ways:

1. Pushes - These are just slow Strikes, so to save on doubling up the defenses, these will be grouped under Strikes.  

2. Strikes - This includes a straight punch, Hook punch (Roundhouse) and overhead strike. For ease of searching, a tag labelled 'Strike' is an attack, and a 'Punch' is a defense. Defenses here can be used on pushes and strikes, so when learning, start with a Push attack, then when you are comfortable, speed up into a Strike.

3. Grabs - For Ease of learning and searching, these are grouped under 'Wrist Grabs' - which covers same side grabs, opposite side, and double wrist grabs - and 'Body Grabs' which include Lapel grabs (single and double) and all other grabs such as Bear-hugs and headlocks. 

4. Kicks - This will be added shortly and will cover the main kicks - front, side, turning and back kicks. 
All of these will be focused on in the Defense section, but as a Push is just a slow Strike, these will be grouped. This does mean two things: 1. When looking for defenses from a push, enter 'Strike' in the search field. 2. When practicing with a partner, start off with pushes, and when you get used to the movements, you can speed up the attacks into Strikes.

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