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Types of Attacks

Before practicing the application of the movements you just learnt, you need to understand more about how an attacker will most likely attack. By learning these, you can focus on each individually, practice blocking for each and then add in the defense movements as a counter. 

When is comes to attacks, there are four main ways:

1. Pushes
2. Strikes
3. Grabs
4. Kicks

Each of these will be discussed in detail, not only so you understand how it can happen, but so you can practice defenses for each. Using the Website filter, you can filter all the defenses by the attack method, so you can learn defenses from one attack at a time. 

There are just two articles here before we move on to the defense techniques. The first article is a summary of the main attack methods from which we will practice the defenses. The second is labelled 'Predicting the Attack'. This is used for two reasons. 1. So you can start thinking about your defense before that attack is started, and 2. Because the attack method is partially based off how you react, if you cannot prevent the attack, you can at least 'encourage' them to attack in a way you are more prepared to defend from. 

In the Basics section, we will concentrate on the easiest defenses from pushes, grabs and strikes. You can then choose your top ten favorite defenses and get very good at them, rather than learning many ways and not being very good at any. Many more attack methods and counters are described in the Advanced section.

When is comes to attacks, there are four main ways: 1. Pushes - These are just slow Strikes, so to save on doubling up the defenses, these will be grouped…
  • Level of difficulty 1
Predicting the attack is one reason how senior martial artists seem to be so quick - it is not just because they can move quickly, but it is because they…
  • Level of difficulty 2
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