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The Double Hand Block Drill

The Double Hand Block drill is covered in this chapter for two reasons:

1. This is a fantastic drill to learn to block slowly and to speed up as you get used to it. It is very effective in improving hand / eye co-ordination, reaction times, body movements, and ‘sticking' control (not losing contact with your opponent).

2. The first two movements in the Double Hand Block drill will be used extensively in the defenses in this site. Before any defence is applied, the opponents strike has to be neutralized, whether a grab, strike or push, and there are few techniques that is easy and fast as the first two movements of this drill. This technique is used from white belts right through to high level black belts – it is one of the fundamental building blocks in martial arts.

The first movement is a simple slap inward:

The second movement uses the other hand to block from underneath. This either lets you block their hand further away, or now makes it very simple to grab their hand for a variety of counters

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