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2. Filter and Search

The Filter and Search function is either located at the right side of the screen or on the bottom, depending what device you are using. This function gives a lot of flexibility to finding what you are looking for. This has five sections: 

1. Title. 
2. Article Text. 
3. Category. 
4. Tag. 
5. Level of Difficulty. 

It will be discussed below how to use a mixture of all these filters to quickly get to the item you want. 

1. Title. The title search is an auto complete entry - as you type, options will come up with those letters. When you enter a title and press Search, all items that have those words in the title will be listed. Most titles are self explanatory, describing what the content is. A prefix of 'Drill' is a practice for the movement and a prefix of 'SD' is a Self Defense application containing that movement. 


When you select your Filter criteria and press Search, the results are listed. There is an Ordering function at the top, where you can order by such things as Date, Title, and Level of Difficulty. Pressing the small bars to the right of the Ordering dropdown will rearrange the results from top down, or from bottom up.


2. Article Text. Filtering by Aritcle Text means all Items that discusses your search criteria will be displayed. There are times where one topic will reference another.

Results you see will refer to the topic you specifically searched for, and other items which reference it.

3. Category. Categories refers to the grouping of items - eg There is a Category called Movement, in which all the movements are grouped. By filtering on a category, all items listed below that category are shown. By using this, you can research a particular topic without knowing what the titles are. For example, if you filtered by 'Movement', only items describing movements will be displayed, and you will not be confused with advanced pages or self defense applications of the movements.


4. Tag. Tags are used in items throughout the website to be able to group them together.

There are two ways to search on tags. 1. in this filter tool. By selecting a tag from the drop down box and pressing Search, only those items which have those tags will be returned. Eg, if you chose 'Elbow' from the drop down list, the instruction for performing elbow strikes as well as the self defense applications for the elbow will be shown. 


The second way to search on tags is to simply hit the tag listed under that item. Eg When you see 'Tagged Under #Palm' by pressing the #Palm, all items with the palm tag will be shown.


5. Level of Difficulty. The Level of Difficulty filter aids you to find the learnings at your level. When you are starting off, and searches return too many results, you can narrow the results down by dragging the selection levers to the levels you want. Selecting 1-2 difficulty, the basic and easy instruction items will be shown and you wont have to sort through items you are not ready for. 

For the same reason, when you are getting better, you can drag the selection levers higher so the filter will not return the basic instructions you have already been through. 

Multiple Filtering. Because there is so much information on this site, even the filters shown above can return a lot of results. For this reason, it is good to use multiple filters to quickly get to your desired item. eg - by selecting the category 'Basic Defenses - Strikes', the tag list will only contain tags found in that category. By choosing 'Backfist' from the tags and pressing Search, only basic defenses using a backfist will be shown. 


These drop down selection boxes are 'smart'. If you enter anything in any entry box, the others will update and only show options which include what you have already chosen.



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