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1. Home Page and Menus

The Home Page gives a number of functions: 

1. Log In. Once you have subscribed, Log In at the top of the home page to unlock all the material for your subscription level. Advanced subscription will unlock everything on the site. NOTE: ONLY ONE LOG IN IS ACCEPTED AT A TIME - IF SOMEONE ELSE IS LOGGED ON WITH YOUR DETAILS, YOU WILL BE LOCKED OUT. Visitors are welcome to move throughout the website, as there are free samples of everything in every section. 

2. My Profile. Once you have logged in, your name will show in the top left of the screen and a Logout button will appear. Beside that button will be a My Profile link. In here, you can update your information, see when your subscription expires, renew subscription, or if you are on the Beginners, you can upgrade to the Advanced. You will only be charged the difference between the Beginners and the Advanced for the remainder of your current subscription period - e.g. the difference between the two levels is only US$35, but if you are 6 months into your subscription when you upgrade, you will only be charged half of that.

3. My Content. This is where you will find all your saved articles. Using this is described under 'Customizing Content'.


4. Menus.
These are drop down menus so you can go directly to the section you are looking for. Menus and information are in the order of learning. Read through the About Menu before the Self Defense, and work from top to bottom down the menus. 

When you hover your cursor over a menu, a submenu will appear, and a number of submenus will have a further level, so you can go directly to the Category you wish to focus on.

5. Hexagon Links. These take you directly to the section they describe. 

6. Search Box. This lets you search the website if you know what you a re looking for. When the results come up, you have the ability to fine tune your search:
a) you can choose how your search words are used - 'All Words' will return a result of everything that contains any of the words you enyered, 'Any Words' uses your words in any order, while 'Exact Phrase' will narrow your search to those particular words in that order
b) Choose the order of the results. Selections such as 'Most Popular' will bring up the most common, while 'Newest First' will bring up the latest.
c) You can also narrow your search by type of entry -  'K2 Items' gives the actual pages with the detailed information, Categories will give higher level groupings. 

6. Site Map
In the footer of the Home page is a link to the Site Map. This is a visual method of seeing what is in the website and can be an easier way to navigate and go straight to where you want to go. 
7. Breadcrumbs
To help with navigation, the path you have traveled is shown at the top of the page, and the current category you are on is highlighted in green. You can click on any of the previous levels to return to that position. 


Small Devices

This site has a responsive design, so is suitable on a range of devices. When viewed on smaller devices, the top menu is represented by three horizontal bars in the top right corner of the screen. When you press this, the menu will appear down the right hand side of the screen.



  • Level of difficulty: 1
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