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Warming Up Arms

The arms include the elbows, wrists and fingers. A lot of the defenses uses the rotation of these joints, so it is important to stretch them for two reasons:
1. So you do not injure them while practicing
2. There are a lot of defenses that where you will twist these same points on your opponent - practicing on yourself means you will feel where it starts hurting, therefore how to best apply these techniques in self defense. 

1. Rocking the wrists. Facing forward, fists out in front of you. Twist fists upward at the wrist, then twist them downward. Repeat 5 times.

2. Circling the wrists. Start facing forward with both fists in front of you, palms downward. Circle both wrists inward, upward so your palms are facing upward, and outward back to the start point. Repeat 5 times then 5 times in the opposite direction. 

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