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Training Partner Safety

All of the movements in this website should not only be safe you you to practice, but it is important not to injure your partner while practicing. It is certainly a fine line between practicing to be able to hurt an attacker, but not your training partner. For this reason, you need to ensure you are not doing it hard enough to hurt, and your partner needs to take some precautions to minimize being hurt.

For each movement, study the pictures and the instructions, and then try it slowly and softly until you get the movement correct. When you have got the distance to your partner correct, you can slowly speed up the technique and add extra power, each time ensuring it is not hurting your partner.

A lot of the practices involve practicing the movement toward your partner but not hitting them. This is a good method to get used to the movement and to practice control – being able to stop the strike short. To practice the movement with power, you need to use pads so you do not injure your partner.

Hold the practice pad in a way to the strike being practiced bends your arm –holding the pad it so the strike straightens your arm risks over extension to your elbow and injury to the joint.

Where it is uncomfortable holding the pad in the way above, keep the arm bent, and let the strike move your entire arm backward. Never let the impact fully extend your arm.

Where possible, hold the pad so it moves past your body when striked. An alternative is to hold the pad firmly against your body to absorb the impact. Do not hold the pad slightly out from your body where the impact will push it into you

Constantly communicate with your partner to ensure your strikes are not hurting, and stop training is any joints are getting uncomfortable.

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