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Student Safety

Many of the techniques described in the site – especially during training – aims to put minimum pressure on yourself and your training partner so it is comfortable to practice. Injury or pain may occur after repeated practice however, so it is important to stop and rest whenever something starts being uncomfortable.

There are three specific types of exertion that needs to be minimized:

1. Repetitive Motion
While learning these techniques, you will practice a lot of movements you are not familiar with - like when you start running when you are not used to it - so your muscles may ache if you do too much too soon. Start all of these modestly and practice more often when your body gets used to the movements.

2. Over-extension of arms and legs
None of the movements described in this site involves the full extension of the arm or the leg – even extending your limbs fully without striking anything will lead to over extension and injury. All strikes and all kicks need to be practiced to stop just short of full extension. If your elbows or knees, especially, start to ache, stop and rest, then read more about the movement which will discuss where to stop. It is fine to extend a limb slowly to get distance or experiment with a move, but you should never extend fully when practicing under full power


3. Impacts when practicing.
Whether hitting a pad or practicing with a partner, even repetitve light impacts will hurt after a while. Always use gloves when hitting a kick bag, and let your partner know if you are getting sore. None of the practicing should leave bruises.

Safety has to be number one when practicing these movements.


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