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Minimising The Chance of Attack

While this website is dedicated to showing ways on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones, the best way to avoid assault is to avoid having to defend yourself. Self-defense should only be used as a last resort. The order of things to do is:

Avoid the situation

There are common situations where there is a higher chance of assault. Avoiding these locations and times mean there is a lower risk of getting into an altercation.

- Meet new people at well-lit public places.

-Avoid dimly lit and sparsely populated roads where there are fewer people to assist you if needed.

-Avoid traveling alone into isolated or unfamiliar locations

-Avoid excessive alcohol and drugs which will impair your ability to judge the situation and to protect yourself if need be.

-Walk confidently. Keep your head up and keep aware of who is around you. Avoid earphones so you can hear noises around you. Attackers will focus on distracted people.

-Do not stay in areas with a lot of alcohol until the early hours. The more some people drink, the more violent they get.

-Avoid areas with a lot of young males, especially when they are drinking.

-Don’t make yourself a target by wearing expensive things or bragging.

Minimize chance of attack

When someone is getting confrontational, it is important not to provoke them. The aim here is to make them bored so they move on

Common techniques include

-Trust your instincts. If something does not feel right on the street, at a party or on a date, leave the situation.

-If someone is demanding money or things, give it to them. They can be replaced. Do not carry large amount of money, objects or jewellery for this reason.

-Avoid confrontational language. Try to stay calm and don’t use language that will provoke them. Trying to win an argument with someone drunk or angry is not going to help anyone.

-Lower your voice and maintain eye contact. It is hard for someone to keep yelling if you do not respond

-If possible, move to a safer area before they escalate to violence.

Defend yourself.

Only when you cannot avoid a situation should you engage with the attacker. That is what this website is for - for you to learn how to escape and run, of is absolutely required to counter just hard enough that they cannot attack again.

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