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Defense Basics

Before any type of training is undertaken, it is important to understand some fundamentals. For this level, there are three topics:

1. Minimising the chance of attack - by taking some basic precautions, you will reduce the chance you will need to use defense movements, and this is always the best option.

2. Maintaining safety during training. By definition, self defense means blocking and hitting, so it is critical to maintain safety during training. Please read this carefully and follow the guidelines as Self Defense Training Online cannot take responsibility for injury.

3. While most people will not know what the Yin Yang is, it will contribute greatly to the effectiveness of your training. You will use these learnings constantly through your training, and will learn concepts a lot of senior martial artists have not yet grasped. By reading these, this training will be twice as effective, by regularly applying these concepts to your practice, your learning will be ten times as effective.
You will wonder why most clubs don't tell you this.

Please take time to understand these basics before jumping into the training.

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