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About Self Defense

Self Defense is the use of reasonable force to protect yourself or others against an attempted or threatened attack. This website is dedicated to give you the skills and ability to do just that, but a strong focus is 'Reasonable'. Throughout the training on this site, you will notice a great deal of 'soft' techniques - movements that will allow you to get out of harms way, but not injuring the attacker. Self defense is protecting yourself, not hurting others. There will be, at times, you have to apply a reasonable force to disable the attacker long enough for you to get away. At no point do we condone unnecessary force - striking the aggressor harder than required, or again after they are sufficiently disabled for you to get away. 

Protection is just one output of training, however. People who learn self defense do it for a variety of reasons - while a primary one is to defend themselves, additional benefits are increasing strength and improving endurance through exercise, improving flexibility, improving co-ordination and balance, self assurance and confidence, and mental challenge - being able to do something they previously did not think they could do.

While there are some learning topics that a website cannot teach, such as respect, we are dedicated to show as much as we can to give the best balance and overall learning possible. There is a concept discussed throughout this site called Yin Yang, which prompts us to balance our learnings:

- Learning a technique but not understanding why you are doing something will mean you will mis-use it, so we will explain why we do everything
- Reading a technique or watching a video but not practicing will mean it will not flow naturally when you need it, so we add practice drills so you get comfortable
- Doing a technique with power but incorrectly means the technique will not work well or you will risk injury, so we will show the technique first and then explain how to add power and speed
- Just learning what is in front of you means you will not be able to adapt when you need, so we help teach you how to learn - there are many techniques shown here that you will not feel is right for your size or strength, but you will use them as an example how you can change things to suit yourself

It is a balance of these that makes a student truly great.

These concepts flow to a lot of other parts of your life - learn the basics of a topic, understand, practice and keep trying. Learn from others then add your personal touch to make it even better. 

What you take away from here you can use forever. Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, swap your boring exercise for a fun way in which you can learn at the same time, and have fun learning!

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