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Searching Defense Techniques

There are hundreds of techniques shown here to cater for every level of learning - Basic defenses for beginners and Advanced defenses for those wishing to challenge themselves. Advanced students have access to all techniques. 

Under Basic and Advanced, the techniques are broken up into three sections:
1. Wrist Grabs - for single wrist grabs either on the same side or opposite side
2. Body Grabs - for single and double Lapel grabs, grabs from behind, head locks etc
3. Strikes - which includes pushes and punches

Since there are so many defense techniques listed here, you are going to want to use filters to narrow down your training. Main key words are in the title of each defense technique, and also as 'tags'. When using tags you can choose 'And' to only bring up the same combination as you have entered, or 'Or' to bring up anything with any of the tags you have chosen.

Filtering options include:
1. From any page, choose level of difficulty to suit your range - eg 1 to 2 for basic defenses, or any range up to 5 to keep stretching you
2. From this page, choose 'Soft' to get releases and control techniques, and 'Hard' to get defenses which includes strikes
3. From any page, choose the movement you wish to focus on - eg 'Lower Block' to focus on all the uses for that movement from all types of attack
4. From any page, choose the target point you wish to focus on - eg 'Nose' to focus on all the counters which target that area
5. You can choose multiple tags, such as 'Grab' and 'Lower Block' to learn how to use that movement from that attack

At the bottom of each item, you can see the tags associated with that item. By clicking on one of these, the filter will re-focus on that tag. eg if you click 'PALM' all defenses will show using a palm to counter from that page downward.

  • Level of difficulty: 1
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