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Head Pressure Points

The head is a good target point as it can not only create a lot of pain for the opponent, but since this is where the brain resides, disorientation can occur and disrupt the opponent’s decision making and body control. Effective strikes here can reduce effectiveness of their entire body.

While the temple is bone, it is protecting the brain which is susceptible to jarring. Pushing the temple with the hand can redirect the opponents focus so is a good distraction for another technique, while striking the temple can cause disorientation and loss of balance. The side temples are the main target as strikes turn the opponents head away from you and the spinning adds to the effect. Generally the front temple is not targeted except for a push to distract – the skull is the thickest here which is why it is used for head-butts.

While a fist can be used, there is an increased chance of damage to your fingers or knuckles – there are lot better targets for the fist. Strikes here are generally palm for distraction or elbow for disorientation.


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