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Head Weapons

The head is quite fragile, which is why a lot of attackers would punch to the head - a heavy shake will cause confusion. A strike to the opponents head can distract them, but there are times when you are too close to use anything else, or they are preventing you from using anything else. In these cases, you may be able to use your head to strike theirs - as long as you choose a strong point of your head and strike a soft part of theirs.

1. Forehead (head butt)
The front of the head is reasonably strong with few pain receptors, so it does not hurt much when struck against soft targets. This is effective in close quarters – stepping forward and headbutting their nose, or lowering your head and pulling their head forward into yours.

Because the head can be used as a weapon, you need to excercise  caution when  using any technique that will make the opponent bend over – e.g. a strike to their stomach – as while they bend over in pain they may unintentionally head butt you.

2. Temples

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