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Hand Weapons

The hand is the most common part of the body to strike with, and it is very versatile, being able to strike in all directions. 

1. Fingernails.
Fingernails are good for scratching for distraction. The opponents skin can also be caught under the fingernails so can be used as evidence if need be. An advantage of the fingernails is that they do not need a load-up to be effective. Scratching the face or driving fingernails into muscles in a pinching movement is very effective at loosening an opponents grab. 

2. Fingertips.
Extending the fingers gives you the furthest reach, but they can be easily broken, so should only be used on soft tissue. Fingers are used as a push more than a strike. This can be used as a distraction as well as to remove the opponents balance. During lapel grabs, fingers into the opponents throat not only makes them step backward, but pushes you away from them if you want more distance. Common targets are throat, eyes and pressure points.

Because of the fingers are easily hurt, a common technique to strengthen a strike is to place one hand on top of the other to reinforce. 

3. Knuckle Points.

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