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Advanced Self Defense

Advanced Defense refers to the further analysis of the movements. By this stage, you will know all the main aspects of the movements and will be able to get them to work well on the defense techniques, but while a lot of tricks have been shown to use them efficiently, they still rely a lot on strength to perform. All other things equal,  stronger person will be better at these.

So from here there are more tricks to get even more efficiency. Do you wonder why an experienced student or instructor seem to do things with so much ease? There is more to the execution than we have shown to this point. Three more topics are discussed in this section:

1. Movement mid positions - most instructors will tell you load-up positions are exactly that, where the movements start from, where in fact they are movements in their own right. Learn how to use the mid-positions to your advantage.

2. Mechanics of Strikes - here you can learn the technical aspects of the movements, how to get better balance, be faster, be stronger. This will take all your movements to the next level.

3. Understand your body - we have shown you the main ways to block and strike, but there are more striking surfaces on your body you can use. We have shown main points to strike, but understand the body pressure points will give you more target areas and allow you to cause more discomfort - making your defenses a lot more effective.

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