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I’ve never practiced self-defense, but I want to learn. How do I get started?

This first thing to do is watch the introduction video and read the free material. For beginners, the basic self-defense level is all you need – it will give all the basic and easy techniques you will need to gain your confidence and ability. When you are ready, you can upgrade to the Advanced course to add a lot of speed, power and techniques to your learning. Jumping straight to Advanced may give too much information and be confusing.

Why should I consider a subscription website rather than looking on YouTube?

There are many clips on YouTube showing self-defense, but there are several downfalls to those:
1. It is unclear the instructors experience and qualifications so people will be showing you things that will get you hurt,
2. While they show self-defense techniques, almost none show the step by step requirements of the movement – or how to get the power and speed required to make them work,
3. you will spend hours looking for related videos that get shown in no particular order, and
4. No-one will give away their best techniques for free – you will get what you pay for. This website is for people who want professional instruction, in the order they need to learn it, and access to the largest database of self-defense techniques globally.

How is this site better than any other?

This is the most comprehensive site available and is overseen by senior martial arts instructors. No other has as much information or gives unbiased comments on each defense. Many arts and sites will criticise anyone that is not their ‘brand’, but this site simply gives you information so you can correctly do the techniques that you decide what is right for you.

Is this site better than a physical club?

No website can duplicate the one-on-one instruction from an instructor – we recommend strongly that a reputable club or instructor is used in addition. This site does, however, give more explanations, more examples, and more flexibility than any physical club can. A mixture of both is optimal.

I have been logging in with my details, but it is not letting me in.

Look for the error "Your login attempt has been blocked. Reason: Already logged in." If you are logged in on another device, or someone else has logged on with your details, you cannot log on again. Keep your password secure.

If I want to train with family members, do we have to purchase subscriptions multiple times, or can we share them?

Family members or friends practicing together do not need to purchase additional subscriptions, as it is important and recommended to train with a partner or a small group. While studying with the subscription holder is encouraged, logons are limited to the subscriber and their household. Access is limited to one IP address at a time, so shared passwords will lock you out and may result in your account being terminated. We can only keep our aim at being the most cost effective self-defense website globally if the accounts are not abused.

I have previously attended or currently attend a martial arts club. Is self-defense completely different or complementary?

While Martial Arts incorporates a lot more than just self-defense, it is a critical part. This website is dedicated to self-defense techniques that any club can use. Your club may have different names for the movements or have slightly different positions, but all the techniques are applicable. With hundreds of self-defense techniques available, you will certainly be able to contribute to your clubs learning and gain the tools required to improve your local techniques.

How often should I train?

One of the many benefits of this website is that you can train at a frequency which suits your lifestyle. As with any type of exercise, the more you do it, the better you will be.  It is certainly recommended to practice with your partner at least a couple of times a week for at least an hour. Physical practice gives what is called ‘muscle memory’ when the body automatically goes to a position it has practiced a lot (this is like a guitarist, whose fingers goes to positions without even thinking about it). 

All martial artists, however, will think about the movements throughout the day any time they get a break. Practice drills can be done alone any time you wish, even for only a minute at a time. Learning self-defense is a mix of mental repetition and physical practice.

I teach a Martial Arts club, can my logon be used for all the club members?

We are dedicated to sharing as many learnings as possible, and future developments will make this a lot easier for instructors. By all means take anything you learn to your club but your students cannot access your account once they leave the Dojo. They will need their own account to study material other than what you presented at your training. Group discounts can be discussed on request. Access is limited to one IP address at a time, so shared passwords will lock you out and may result in your account being terminated.

Do you offer gradings or certifications?

No. It is simply not possible to evaluate someone’s ability over the internet. Any site doing this is using it as a way to make more money, and may give unrealistic confidence to someone who has not earned it. Gradings and certifications can only be done in person.

Can I upgrade from a Beginners Subscription to an Advanced?

Yes. In your 'My Profile' link, you can either renew your subscription or upgrade from Beginners to Advanced. When upgrading, you will only be charged the difference between the Beginners and the Advanced for the remainder of your current subscription period - e.g. the difference between the two levels is only US$35, but if you are 6 months into your subscription when you upgrade, you will only be charged half of that.

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