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Beginners Self Defense

Beginners Self Defense is for people with little or no experience in the topic. The easy and gentle techniques means this is for males and females of any age, who just want confidence in travelling around but don’t want all the martial arts aspects to training. Students can either stay at this level and continue practicing these easy techniques, or at a later date chose to progress to the Advanced Self Defense for more challenge and learning. A strong focus here is 'soft' defenses, which will enable you to defend yourself while not having to punch or kick the attacker - self defence is about protecting your self, not injuring the attacker.

The focus for this section is learning how to block pushes or strikes, and how to release from grabs and distract an attacker long enough to be able to escape.

People attending this include:

  • School children wanting confidence in school, or the travel to and from
  • Children and adults who just want to go out somewhere and not be so scared of being bullied
  • People concerned they may meet an intruder in their home
  • Parents who gift a subscription to their children as a practical and long lasting way to help protect them
  • People working in security or at a job where they might face difficult people
  • Anyone just wanting to challenge themselves, who wants practical and fun excercise while gaining confidence

It is recommended that 6-10 methods are practiced a lot, so they are natural when they are needed, but the large resource available to the students means they can keep learning new methods to find ones that feel natural and work well for them.

Students here will learn:

  • Safety aspects to protect themselves and their training partner
  • The Yin Yang and understand how different opposites will help improve power, speed and technique
  • The stances that will give you the strongest defenses
  • The basic movements that will make up defenses
  • The most common pushes and strikes, and effective ways to block them
  • The most common grabs and easy ways to release from them
  • When blocking and releasing don’t stop the attack, dozens of counters to distract your attacker for long enough to escape.
  • Practice drills to use to get used to the movements

Information is broken down into logical sections
All information has an overview explaining what this is for, and step by step instructions on how to apply
All techniques are visually supported so the members can clearly see what is happening
All information is easily searchable, so the members can choose what topic to focus on, or return to a section or topic they like.
All members have immediate access to all updates

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