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Advanced Self Defense

Advanced Self-Defense is for people who want to become very good at self-defense, but either do not want to join an official Martial Arts club, or who do not have access to a Martial Arts club.

The focus for this section is to expand the understanding and opportunities for defense. Not only are there hundreds of self defense techniques detailed, and thousands of step-by-step photos, but a strong emphasis is put on how to make the techniques more effective and efficient.

People attending this include:

  • Students who have completed the Basic Self-Defense section and want to learn more
  • People who have done some training in the past and want to continue, or are current Martial Arts students who wish to complement their training
  • People who want a challenge - not only to learn self defense but want to do it to the best of their ability. They want all the tips and tricks to be the best, as well as all the information available, not just the information deemed best for beginners.
  • People who want a challenging excercise method, but something that is fun and not only helps you with your fitness, but leaves you with a practical benefit as well. 

Students here will learn:

  • All the information contained in the Basic Self Defence section plus:
  • More information on how to use the Yin Yang to further improve power, speed and technique
  • All main martial arts stances and movements
  • ‘Mechanic of strikes’, which is the tricks on how to get the movements to contain a lot more power and speed. This is how a smaller person can overpower an attacker larger than they are.
  • Step by step explanation of how the movements are used – in more detail than most martial arts clubs
  • All main attack methods
  • Hundreds of counters for attacks – more than shown in most martial arts clubs
  • Different points on your body you can use to defend yourself
  • Pressure points on the attackers body to target to make your defense a lot more effective
  • Practice Drills

Information is broken down into logical sections
All information has an overview explaining what this is for, and step by step instructions on how to apply
All techniques are visually supported so the members can clearly see what is happening
All information is easily searchable, so the members can choose what topic to focus on, or return to a section or topic they like.
All members have immediate access to all updates






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