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Our Story

Self Defense Training Online is the culmination of a 30 year journey into martial arts. It is driven by a desire of a group of martial artists who want to break the mould of traditional training, and make available information that until now was only available to a small select group of people. Whereas a lot of senior instructors want to control what people can access, we have a drive to make this available to anyone who has a passion to learn.

Our Vision

To provide anyone, anywhere with the most comprehensive, user friendly and step by step training on self-defense and martial arts.


Our Purpose

Self Defense Training Online aims to dispel the myths around Self Defense and Martial Arts. Our ambition is to make self defense available to everyone, everywhere, cost effectively. Not being affiliated to any Martial Art, we can give all the tips and tricks on how to defend yourself effectively – showing you everything that most instructors hold back.

This website is non-judgemental of other methods and provides no scaremongering of how dangerous the world is - just the most detailed, honest and simple self-defence techniques explanations available on how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our aim is to provide instruction and ideas to everyone from complete beginners to senior martial artists of every type. Learning never stops, and we commit to keep adding to best practice and tricks to make self defense easier.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and not be bullied, while at the same time havng fun and being challenged.


What we wish to accomplish

Self Defense Training Online came about for a number of reasons:

  1. Documentation. With so much to learn in self-defense and martial arts, it is very easy to forget what has been learned previously, and almost no self-defense trainings supply the student with a detailed written instruction which they can take away. This generally means within a year all the learnings have been lost and the money wasted. For this reason, 15 years ago Barry started documenting all the aspects of self-defense and martial arts so his students have records forever. For the first time, anyone can now have access to the most detailed and step by step instructions on how to defend themselves.
  2. Efficiency. It is true that with every self-defense method you need to practice the movements to get them to work. Throughout Barry’s training, he repeatedly found that some techniques worked for some people, but not for others. While studying this, he realized that the human body is basically a machine – levers, forces and weights. Being a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Barry then applied engineering principles to the movements and realized that the way many people stand, twist and move are actually preventing the movement from working like it should. Many Martial Artists will put down any art that is not their own, where in fact, their only issue is they are not able to correctly apply other movements - which is why they don’t work for them. This website will show the technical ways of moving to gain speed and power.
  3. Detail. There is a lot to learn on all the movements, and when a self-defense or martial arts instructor has 10 – 30 students at a time, they are simply unable to show every student every aspect of every movement. Students learn at different rates, so some will be left behind. None of the Instructors associated with this website have ever seen any single instructor who has been able to convey all the required information about all movements. This website gives you the time you require to understand what you need to know, and is dedicated to documenting all of the steps and the tricks to get the movements to work well. Only getting part of the information can be dangerous.
  4. Access. While everybody has the right to be able to protect themselves, many people do not have access to the best instructors, or can afford the cost of expensive trainings that they will not keep the learnings from. Barry’s focus therefore, is to make all this information available to anyone, for substantially less than a local club training. Having cost effective access to such detailed information also makes it possible to use this website to complement your club training – which ever martial art you are learning – to take new learnings to your club and improve the efficiency of local techniques.
  5. Focus and flexibility. People want different things. In a club, you will have to learn what everyone else is learning, at the speed which the instructor sees fit. For this reason, many people leave as it doesn’t feel right. Barry realized a long time ago, that students need a way to choose what they learn – what applies to them and what interests them. They also need to learn at a speed which is comfortable, and go back over material as often as it takes. This website builds in choice – what you want to learn, when you want to. One of the aims of this site is to eventually have video instruction for all step by step instructions, for those who prefer that method over photos and text.
  6. Unbiased discussion. If you ask any self-defense or martial arts club, most will recommend you do not attend any other one – theirs is the best. This attitude severely limits how successful a student can be. There are no poor arts – only poor instructors. What is needed is an open discussion about how to defend yourself, and an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Anyone who says a technique is wrong is just admitting they are not good enough to get it to work. The information contained in this website is made up of many martial arts and self-defense methods, and can be used in any. This site provides ideas and explanations – not place judgement.
  7. A tool to exercise the mind. What doesn’t get exercised weakens. Barry joined martial arts for the same reason millions of other people do – to learn. As described later, martial arts incorporates a lot more than just self-defense. Even self-defense incorporates a lot more than just learning how to defend yourself. There are hundreds of self-defense movements detailed in this website – far more than anyone can memorize – but that is not the point. The point is to learn, to keep learning, to keep experimenting, to find enjoyment in the process of learning. All the instructors associated with this website are dedicated to keep leaning new ways and keep finding better ways to do the things they already know. This website challenges you to keep building yourself.
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