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Our Approach

Our approach to the development of these self defense techniques is both comprehensive, yet simple. 

Before release on this site, each movement and self defense technique goes through a comprehensive review: 
1. Techniques are collated from all our studies and recommendations
2. They pass through a Feasibility process to see if this technique is in line with our values and objectives. Some clearly do not suit purpose, so we do not progress
3. Each technique goes through testing, and is reviewed for effectiveness, ease of use, power and speed. They are modified to make use of all the effectiveness and efficiency concepts we know
4. The modified technique then goes through a Validation process to make sure it now conforms to our requirements
5. Senior Instructors approve (or reject) inclusion on the website where it becomes available to students. 

Once it becomes available, the student has an approach they need to follow: 
1. Choose the area of study you are interested in.
2. Study the theory, steps and photos to understand what is being done and why
3. Practice the movements slowly, either with a partner or individually. Keep referring back to the material to check it is being done right. 
4. Increase speed and power of the techniques once you are comfortable
5. Challenge each step and discuss learnings with your partner. Is there an easier or better way? Apply learnings to the  technique and keep practicing
6. Book in some time in a week or two to practice the techniques again. The more you practice, the easier they will be to do.
7. Choose next section of learning


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